Scarred Part 2

After a lifetime of pain… trust issues are only a slice of Chloe’s world.

Taking a chance, she let’s her guard down and begins trusting Derek Stark. Resisting him would be almost futile for any woman. Beyond being so incredibly gorgeous that he could elicit a wet dream with a look, he’s also sweet, thoughtful, gentle and kind. He is everything that every other man in Chloe’s life was not. She wants to trust him, but can she?

When she finds a picture in his bedroom, she is beyond shocked. She is staring at a picture of herself. Not Chloe Green…But the scarred Kelly Ward. She knew he was too good to be true…she knew he had secrets…but this is just too twisted for her to wrap her head around.

When Chloe finds out who the woman is, her universe is spun upside down and opens up a world that she believes that she had been denied her entire life. A world that she has no idea if she can handle.

Chloe has been preparing herself for the last 2 years for the confrontation with Jesse. Now he is being released early. Jesse was always her focus, but now…Her new life that she has built is about to come crashing down around her all over again.





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“An innocent girl on the run from her past meets a handsome, rich stranger with a mysterious side. It’s a premise that intrigues from the first page!”

Melanie Shawn, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

“Riveting! – The author did a remarkable job of developing the characters of this story and bringing them to light. I was hooked from the beginning. The ending made me grasp out loud startling my husband.” 

Susan Nall

Whoa! – Where did this author come from? This book was great. I literally could not put it down. Thank you kindle fire for voice for I was able to “read” while driving” 

—  Trollhair a bookaholic


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