He was a one night stand that I wanted to last a lifetime.

The tattoos, shaggy hair and massive shoulders were enough to make me quiver at the knees. He touched me, every part of me. Savored the haven between my legs in a way that convinced me that there was a God – Hallelujah!

We’d known each other for one night and he’d been inside of me more times than I could count…and now-5 years later, it appeared he’d done pretty damn well for himself. Quarterback for one of the best teams in the biz…the sight of him was enough to make me wet in places I thought I’d forgotten.

Now he’s my patient. F*ck! My career is going to be damned!






I fell in love with it! I mean come on the chemistry between Brett and Erica was of the charts smokin’.

– Nicole Holt


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